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6 Tips to Play Xiangling Genshin Impact, Increase the Winning Opportunity

Xiangling Genshin Impact is a character in the Genshin Impact game under the Pyro element. She is not a new character as Xiangling has been there starting from the first release of the game. If you are interested in it, the character can be found through Wish or, she can be got as a reward after finishing Spiral Abyss Chamber 3.

Until now, the character is in the 4- star category as it is very good to use as the Sub-DPS or support. But of course, if you want to win the game with Xiangling, there are still some points to acknowledge and apply. This way, her performance can be much better and effective.  So, here are the points.

Tricks in Recharging Energy


While Xiangling is considered as one of the most powerful female characters in Genshin Impact, in terms of energy recharge, it is quite tricky. Therefore, it is suggested for players to use her Elemental Burst. Yes, Xiangling’s elemental burst is one of her best offensive supports. You can utilize the elemental burst to release Pyronado and then continue the game by playing other characters.

Don’t worry, Pyronado will still be in the field even if you currently play another character in Genshin Impact. But to achieve the Elemental Burst of Xiangling, you indeed need to do more effort as this power is quite high. It needs 80 points of energy to use it. Besides, the character also has quite bad energy regeneration. The tricks to apply to solve the problem are by using weapons or artifacts.

Guoba’s Roles

One of the Xiangling’s elemental skills is to call out Guoba, a Panda-like animal. Guoba simply appears and attacks enemies using his fire burst. If you utilize the skill well, it adds the Pyro application of Xiangling to weaken the target or the enemy. Aside from being damaged with the Pyro element, the Constellation 1 produced can reduce the enemy’s Pyro resistance up to 15% in 6 seconds once the fire attacks them.

But sure, not only utilizing Xiangling Genshin Impact Build, but you must also know when to use this elemental skill to collect additional damages. Placing Guoba wrongly, for example being too far or too close to the enemy is useless. Guoba can also be moved by using other skills like Traveler.

Xiangling as the Main DPS

guide to play Xiangling genshin impact

Sure, it is possible to place Xiangling as the main DPS of the game. But you must also be aware that there is a lack of using Xiangling as the main DPS. While she can be more powerful with the role, at the same time, it reduces her skills as the support. Her main powers like Elemental Skills and Burst are to help other characters work as the main DPS.

So, what is the solution? Using Xiangling as the main DPS means you must focus on weapons and artifacts. Even weapons and artifacts with physical attributes are the best choice for the role. This way, you can optimize her power and the chance of winning on the battlefield is getting bigger.

Understanding the Snapshot Skill

Some characters in the game have snapshot skills. One of them is Genshin Impact Xiangling. What is the snapshot skill? It can be illustrated as follows. For example, you use other characters like Bennet. Bennet provides a buff attack when being in the zone he makes. Then, Xiangling releases Pyronado made by the Elemental Burst when she is also in the zone.

The elemental burst released by Bennet or other characters may be gone soon. However, Pyronado made by Xiangling can still maintain the buff attack so that the damage produced by Pyronado is still high and torturing. Well, that trick is namely Snapshot. It is quite easy to apply but indeed, it needs high accuracy so that it can damage more optimally as well as prevent the attack from not shooting the target well.

Using Weapons and Artifacts Correctly

tips to play Xiangling

One of the problems faced by new players is that they find trouble in using weapons and artifacts. They may use the wrong weapons or even cannot install weapons and artifacts correctly. So, if you are one of those new players, make sure to train yourself more and more. Why? It is because Xiangling is one of the characters in which the weapons and artifacts must be installed well.

Xiangling’s power mainly comes from the Elemental Bursts. That’s why she needs more energy recharge to enable the player to use her longer and more often. One of the most common mistakes done by the player is using 4 sets of Crimson Witch of Flames. Yes, only 2 bonuses are really beneficial for Xiangling. Meanwhile, 4 others are not. So, rather than taking those sets, Xiangling may use 2 sets of gladiators to get bonus attacks.

Xiangling Genshin Impact: how to get? Yes, aside from knowing how to get Xiangling in the game, make sure also to know the trick in using her weapons. Almost all 4-star weapons of Polaris can be used except Dragonspine and Cresent Pike. Because the second stat of those weapons is Physical Damage Bonus. So, instead of using from, you can utilize others such as Dragon’s Bane. The weapon is effective to increase elemental mastery.

Partnering Xiangling with Right Characters

Xiangling is at her best as a sub-DPS. That’s why makes use of the opportunity to partner with the right team to optimize her powers and potential. Bennet, as has been mentioned above, is a good partner for her as he brings a buff attack to maximize the Pyro resonance. Other good partners are Xingqiu or Tartaglia. Those characters can bring consistent Hydro elements to the enemy and lead to Xiangling’s vaporizing attack.

Other options are Kazuha, Sucrose, or Venti that are in the category of the Anemo character. Anemo characters tend to lower down the resistance element of the enemy when their power, Swirl, is combined with Pyro using 4 sets of Viridescent  Venerer. The damage becomes bigger.

In case you cannot partner Xiangling with one of the characters mentioned above, Ganyu is a good alternative. Ganyu works by utilizing Xiangling’s Pyro to lead to Melt. Ganyu’s damage is getting bigger this way. With Ganyu, undeniably, Xiangling Genshin Impact creates a great combo.

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