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Eula Genshin Impact: Power, Artifacts, Weapons, and Prospective Team

Talking about the 5-star characters in the game, Eula Genshin Impact is one of them. She has the Cryo element with Claymore as the main weapon. Different from other characters in general, although she is with the Cryo element, the damage she produces is physical. Besides, Eula is the only 5-star character in which the gameplay is dedicated to big physical damage. Most of the damage is produced through her Elemental Burst.

The Elemental Burst

Eula Genshin Impact

Eula’s elemental burst is also quite simple. The way it works is very similar to the time bomb that will explode when the time is over. During the burst duration, the player must collect stacks as many as possible. This way, the explosion produced is also getting bigger. So, how do get the stacks? They come from every normal attack and elemental skill that hit the target or enemy.

The bomb explodes around Eula herself and produces a physical damage area. The explosion also happens when you replace her with another character in the Element Burst duration. That’s why, the first important thing to master Eyla is by understanding how her gameplay works, particularly the elemental burst.

Her powerful elemental burst along with Eula Genshin Impact skills works well if it uses enough energy. The energy needed to use the elemental burst is 80 points. Although it sounds simple, collecting the energy can be difficult. The problem can be solved by being teamed with a character with the Cryo battery.

Aside from needing many energy points, Eula’s lack you should know is her difficulty in fighting against an enemy with high mobility. No matter how high damage she makes, it is useless when the attack cannot even touch the enemy.


As a physical DPS character, she has some artifact options. Uniquely, players may be spoiled with simple options so that you don’t need to be puzzled in making choice. For the best artifacts, you can use the 4 sets of Pale Flame. The artifact is said to be the best as the effect brought is very suitable with Eula’s style. Even the design is very similar to her. Therefore, it is not exaggerating to say that the artifact is indeed designed for Eula.

But sure, even after getting the main artifact, you should still think about some alternative artifacts to make her performance more optimal. This way, you can combine some following artifacts. The first combination are 2 Pale Flame, 2 Bloodstained Chivalry, and 2 Noblesse Oblige. Use also the second combination, 2 Gladiator’s Finale and 2 Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.


Eula Genshin

Not only artifacts but also weapons are very important elements for the characters in Genshin Impact. For Eula, her best weapon is Songs of Broken Pines. Well, just like the Pale Flame, the weapon seems to be designed for her. The weapon has the highest ATK among all the claymore weapons. The effect is because of the physical DMG bonus substate it has. The weapon also has a passive effect to give an additional speed for ATK. Therefore, it can ease Eula in collecting stacks.

Sure, Eula Genshin Impact build still needs some alternative weapons. Although some following weapons maybe not be as strong as Songs of Broken Pines, they are still recommended to use. The weapons are Wolf’s Gravestone, Skyward Pride, The Unforged, and Serpent’s Spine.

However, maximizing the power of those alternative weapons may not be as easy as the main ones. For example, if you prefer using The Unforged, you must make sure that Eula’s shield is still there until the end of the Elemental Burst duration. Meanwhile, you can utilize Serpent Spine by balancing the ratio of Crit and Eula’s passive effect. This way, the damage produced can be increased significantly.

Aside from the weapons mentioned above, there is also a category in Genshin Impact, known as the F2P weapon. For Eula, the best F2P weapon is the Luxurious Sea Lord. The weapon is available for free and is very suitable for the character. The weapon enables Eula to increase her bust damage as well as it has an ATK substat to support the damage she produces.

There are also some alternative F2P weapons. The character can perform well with some weapons such as Snow-Tombed Starsilver, Prototype Archaic, Skyrider Greatsword, Akuoumaru, and Blackcliff Slasher.

Some weapons can even be found at the beginning of the game such as Snow-Tombed Starsilver and Prototype Archaic. Both are crafting weapons that are often compared when talking about Eula’s weapons. All of them have similar abilities and power. Choosing only one of them is okay as long as you know how to utilize them well. Make sure to upgrade those weapons to optimize the functions. In case there is none of them available, Skyrider Greatsword can be the last choice.

Team Members

tips to play Eula Genshin Impact

After knowing the way how to get Eula Genshin Impact, the next thing you must know also is the best team members to accompany her. Eula’s power focuses on the physical damage. Therefore, the team members needed must be built from the combination of Cryo and Electro. This way, the team can produce a superconduct reaction.

As has been mentioned above, the main weakness of Eula is her energy. That’s why she needs at least a Cryo battery to power her up anytime. The Cryo members to accompany Eula can be one among Rosaria, Diona, or Kaeya. Meanwhile, the best Electro character to be on the team is Raider Shogun. Raiden Shogun can bring a superconduct reaction to power up her energy as well as support her with the damageoff field. On the other hand, Eula’s high energy cost adds to Raiden’s elemental burst.

The composition itself can be 3 Cryo characters and 1 electro character or 2 cryo characters and 2 electro characters. It depends on the availability of characters in the gameplay. But generally, the team should not lack of Cryo characters as it prioritizes the consistency of Burst Eula activation. The composition also enables them to reduce the number of damages they may receive from the enemies. The chance of winning the game for Eula Genshin Impact is getting bigger.

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