The Three Most Effective Heroes to Counter Hanabi in Gold Lane

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, dealing with Hanabi is a two-edged sword.

On the one side, you have a straightforward hero to take out in team battles because she lacks mobility skills. Hanabi is one of the hardest gold laners to play in the laning phase because of her mediocre early-game damage.

But make no mistake—the Scarlet Flower is a force to be reckoned with in team battles, particularly late in the game when she has access to her main arsenal.

In her first skill, Ninjutsu: Equinox, she also has a Purify fight spell that grants her immunity to crowd control for five seconds. When utilized properly, she is a proficient marksman, but her damage output becomes dangerous after the first 15 minutes.

Here Are Three GoldLaners Who Can Counter Hanabi.



Bruno is the most frequently mentioned marksman hero as being the most effective during the laning phase.

Mecha Legs, Bruno’s passive ability that raises his crit chance by 2% for each basic attack causes him to deliver a ton of damage. He also possesses a dash ability, which helps avoid Hanabi’s skill shots.

In this case, it’s essential to poke her during the laning phase using the fight spell Inspire. If she responds violently, activate Inspire.

If the other team’s support character is a poke hero like Diggie or Valir, you can also use vengeance. His damage output increases dramatically when Berserker’s Fury is prioritized, making him even more challenging to defeat in a 1v1.



The fact that Beatrix may choose from four different firearms depending on the circumstance makes her a proficient marksman in the gold lane. Beatrix should be used for basic long-range attacks if you want to be safe. If you prefer to push hard in your lane, pick Bennett instead.

Switch to Nibiru for DPS when a team fight breaks out. For this matchup, use Flicker, and avoid playing without your ultimate.

If you already have a few kills under your belt, the best move against Hanabi is to rush Blade of Despair or Hunter’s Strike if your squad is stagnant.

Renner and Bennett are the two most potent shooters in this contest. When Nibiru’s health is low, Renner and Nibiru are used to dealing with poke damage.


irithel image

Irithel is another proficient laning phase marksman. Her second skill, Jungle Heart, slows and inflicts damage on foes nearby, while her first skill, Strafe, lowers the enemy’s physical defense.

If Hanabi tries to get close, each skill is sufficient to obliterate her health. Iritihel’s talents don’t use mana. Therefore she can use this skill as often as she likes without worrying about keeping an eye on her mana bar.

Finally, she may move while attacking because of her passive. This is important since Hanabi will struggle to hit a moving target using Ninjutsu: Soul Scroll and Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana. When facing the Scarlet Rose, you must choose either Inspire or Sprint as your battle spell.

If Hanabi has the lead early in the game, go for Windtalker as your first item and Berserker’s Fury if you’re ahead or Wind of Nature otherwise.


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